Insured patients:

We are fee assured for most large private insurers, which means we will directly invoice your insurance company and (depending on your policy) your insurance company will cover the full cost of your treatment.

For some insurance companies, there will be a “shortfall”. That means that our fees will be higher than what the insurance company will cover. You will be informed of the estimated shortfall, before you have your treatment.

Self-pay patients:

An initial consultation normally costs £400 and a follow-up £250.00

Cost of laparoscopic Excision of endometriosis can vary, depending on

– Severity of the disease and complexity of surgery

– The proposed procedure

– Whether more than one surgeon will be needed to be present

This can cost anything between £7000-£14000, inclusive of anaesthetic fees, surgeon’s fees and hospital fees (which is most of this amount). This can be more in some exceptionally complex cases.

Once you have seen Mr. Khazali (or once your notes have been reviewed), we will request a quote from the hospital the surgery will take place in.