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Making an appointment and preparing for your Consultation

You can contact Mr. Khazali’s office by emailing [email protected] , by phoning his PAs, Emma Johnson and Tamasine Herbaut on 0800 270 7 270 or by filling the form above. You will usually be contacted within two hours to make an appointment for you.

Mr. Khazali’s clinics are usually filled 6-8 weeks in advance but sometimes appointments become available sooner due to cancellations or extra clinics. If you wish to be seen sooner, make sure you get a provisional appointment confirmed but ask Emma to add your name to our cancellation list.  This means that you will be contacted as soon as an earlier appointment becomes available.

Having a GP referral is highly recommended and is considered good practice. It is important that your family doctor is aware that you are seeing Mr. Khazali and they can include important and relevant previous history in their referral letter.

Most insurance companies would require you to see your GP first before making an appointment with a Consultant

If for whatever reason it is not possible for you to get a GP referral, please contact our office and let us know. In most cases, you can still see Mr. Khazali.

Mr. Khazali runs private clinics in three different hospitals. These include The Lister Hospital in Chelsea, London, BMI Runnymede in Chertsey, Surrey and Woking Nuffield Hospital in Woking, Surrey. Please let the office know if you have a preference. You will receive a clinic confirmation letter, which specifies the location and time of your appointment.

Yes. Mr. Khazali needs to review your notes before your appointment so that he can spend more time during the Consultation talking to you and listening to your story. Please scan the following essential documents as one PDF documents and email them securely to [email protected] so that these can be uploaded to our system.

These essential documents include (if available):

  • A short (one or two paragraphs) summary of your history in your own words.
  • Images from your previous surgery. If you don’t have these, we recommend that you contact your previous Consultants or the hospitals you had those procedures and request those images. These images are very important in understanding the extent of your problem, understanding what has been done and to formulate a plan.
  • Reports from previous ultrasound scans or MRIs. Images from these are not essential and reports usually suffice but if you have been given a CD of your MRI, bring it with you to your appointment, in case Mr. Khazali needs to view them. You don’t need to post the CD of your MRI to us.

We will send you a consent form and a pain and health questionnaire via email when confirming your appointment. Please print, complete and bring these with you on the day of your appointment.

The questionnaire is particularly important. It gives Mr. Khazali essential information about the nature of your problem, your general health and severity of your symptoms. This saves time during your Consultation so that he can spend more time understanding your condition and discussing options.

Please also bring all the relevant documents (even if you have already emailed them) with you as we have learnt, the hard way, that technology can not always be trusted!

We will need you to provide your membership and the pre-authorisation code from your insurers (if you have the pre-authorisation code at the time of booking your appointment, if not, please provide this as soon as practicable). If you have private medical insurance, please contact your insurer before your consultation to check the terms of your policy, particularly the level and type of outpatient cover you have, including any reimbursement limits on individual fees. Please note that you are responsible for any fees (or shortfall) which may not be covered by your insurer.

It depends on the complexity of your history and whether or not you need to have an ultrasound scan during your consultation. Mr. Khazali gives each patient as much time as they need and some patients may need much longer than others to discuss their options and ask their questions.

Please allow at least 1.5 hours from the time of your appointment and keep in mind that clinics can sometimes run late.

Absolutely. This is always a good idea.

Yes. That shouldn’t be a problem and you can still have an internal examination and ultrasound. However, if you prefer not to be examined while you are on your period, we can reschedule your appointment.

Mr. Khazali listens to your story and goes through your history with you. He will then examine you (this includes a vaginal examination) and may also do an ultrasound scan. He will then suggest the next step and goes through available options with you. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you or your partner have. He will then dictate a letter, while you are in the room, to you and your GP that summarises what was discussed.

Yes. Mr. Khazali will dictate a letter to you and your GP. He usually does that while you are still in the room.

It depends. If you have had a recent ultrasound scan of acceptable quality, a repeat ultrasound scan may not be necessary. Mr. Khazali does perform his own ultrasound scans, particularly when he suspects severe endometriosis. This enables him to look specifically for endometriotic nodules and to assess for adhesions and perform pain mapping.
If you are self-funding, you may want to ask your GP to organise a transvaginal (internal) ultrasound scan for you before your appointment. If you have an ultrasound scan during your consultation, the hospital will charge you separately for this.

If you cannot make your appointment, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance so that we can offer the appointment to others who are waiting for a sooner appointment. If you don’t give enough notice, you may be charged for the full consultation fee.

You can have your outpatient appointments at any of the private hospitals that Mr. Khazali works out of and you are not required to continue being seen at a specific hospital because that was where you were seen last. On some occasions it might be more appropriate for you to have your operation at a specific hospital, but this would be discussed with you at the time you are booked.

Mr. Khazali is recognised by all major insurers. These include (but not limited to) Alliance Worldwide, Aviva, AXA PPP, BUPA and BUPA International, Cigna and Cigna International, CS Healthcare, The Exeter, Healix, Police Mutual, The Permanent Health Co., WPA and Vitality.
Please note that you may need to pay a shortfall for some complex surgery and/or Consultation. This depends on your policy and our agreement with your insurer. You will be fully informed of potential costs and shortfalls before these costs incur. You will never get an invoice from us without having agreed to it before your Consultation or your procedure.

HCA The Lister Hospital

Chelsea Bridge Rd, London SW1W 8RH, United Kingdom
Available on Tuesday afternoons & Thursday mornings

Nuffield Health Woking Hospital

Shores Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 4BY
Available on Tuesday evenings