The Endometriosis Team

Effective and complete treatment of Endometriosis is not a one-person job. It requires a team of experts working together. The medical jargon is a multidisciplinary team. That simply means a team of specialists from different specialties, working together for a common goal.

The patient is always at the centre. After all, everything we do is for the patient.

Putting together a team of expert surgeons who are passionate about endometriosis is not an easy task. The team should read from the same hymn sheet, share the philosophy of care and trust each other and work as one.

The pictogram below shows the different specialists required for successful treatment of advanced endometriosis.

The Endometriosis specialist nurse (Clinical Nurse Specialist or CNS) has a crucial role. She is the first point of contact with the patient, before and after the operation, making sure all their questions are answered. They help coordinate the whole care pathway, organise the multidisciplinary team meetings and ensure the patient is fully prepared for surgery.

Colorectal Surgeons (or bowel surgeons) specialise in complex procedures on the bowel. They get involved, usually when endometriosis has invaded into the muscle of the bowel and part of the bowel needs to be removed (segmental bowel resection). Mr. Khazali has worked closely with the same team of very experienced and skills colorectal surgeons over the years.

Urologists get involved when the ureters (tubes that take urine from the kidneys to the bladder) are significantly affected or invaded by endometriosis. Kidney Transplant surgeons are very experienced in re-implanting ureters into bladders when this needs to be performed because of ureteric involvement that is beyond repair.

When endometriosis involves the diaphragm or the lungs, working together and consulting a cardiothoracic surgeon would usually be necessary.

A neurosurgeon may be needed to join the multidisciplinary team in special circumstances where specific parts of big pelvic nerves need to be operated on.

Other specialists such as Radiologists, pain specialist and fertility experts play a very important role in the multidisciplinary team.

Mr. Shaheen Khazali

Consultant Gynaecologist & Endometriosis Surgeon


Leandri Van Romburgh

specialist nurse

Mr. Pasha Nisar

Colorectal Surgeon


Mr. Philip Bearn

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon


Mr. Andrea Bille

Consultant Thoracic Surgeon


Mr. Ben Lindsey

Consultant vascular and renal transplant surgeon


Dr. Ashish Shetty

Consultant in pain medicine


Mr. Bijan Khoubehi

Consultant Urologist


Mr Rajesh Nair

Consultant Urological Surgeon